Shiva’s Tea Room

Vintage Hawaii Vibes – Travel Diary Vol. I

What do I Imagine when thinking of Hawaii? I used to think of Pearl Harbor a lot (obviously because of the movie, I was not aware of the Historic Events as you can imagine, they have a lot of other Historic Events to cover and teach you about when growing up in Europe). But either […]

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Notes on the Wild Mid West

    It’s always sad when family or friends move away. But it’s always nice to have new places to go to, and new cities to explore…in this case: a city I probably would have never voluntarily gone to. Not because it’s not worth a visit, more because there are at least 90 other cities on […]

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Mexico Stop & Island Hop

Legend has it that the only inhabitants of the island were the priestess of Ixchel and her court of women. Scattered around were numerous gold, silver and clay statues of Ixchel, and so the island got its name: Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women. Since my sister’s Wedding was in Mexico – north of Cancun […]

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Plant your Indoor Garden

#PlantSlut It was on this Road trip to Arizona, when I fell in Love with Succulents & Cactus, and became overall obsessed with planty Greens. Ever since I got back to LA, I have been trying to find more plants for my apartment and researched how to change the vibe of specific rooms completely by […]

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