A denizen of three continents, six countries - and too many cities to count – here is a glimpse into the journey of Shiva's bohemian lifestyle.

Shiva, a wardrobe stylist, fashion designer and blogger, grew up in Europe.
Numberless cultures and traditions started impacting her lifestyle at a very young age.

Numerous experiences as a stylist and designer in Europe motivated her relocation to Los Angeles in the summer of 2012.

Shiva's path of getting established in the New World, has provided her with invaluable encounters in the fashion industry. Forward thinking, she is excited to collaborate with more creative, like minded artists dwelling in the colorful City of Angels. Head over to Shiva Styles work, to discover some of her published fashion editorials, personal styling, as well as her own designs, labeled Moshi.

In addition to styling and designing, her passion for blogging has evolved along her journey. Hereby, possibilities of discourse about different matters are realized. Shiva's Regal (Regal = German for Shelf) includes topics on lifestyle, travel, music and food. This blog also provides the opportunity to connect with people around the globe, to share similar passions and prospects. You will find numerous inspirational tips on Shiva's Regal. Vice versa, your feedback will always be appreciated and serve as drive and motivation to progress.

Shiva's style is inspired by comfort and versatility rather than trends. The globetrotting, multifaceted designer and stylist prefers flats over heels, along with protagonist oversized sweaters and interesting trims. Shiva has a progressive definition of minimalism, because simplicity does not have to be boring and primal. A mixture of Persian and European roots steadily characterizes her work - making it as unique as her own personality.

Shiva loves incorporating global brands, as well as the constant exploration of different cultures, perspectives and aesthetics. Having a multicultural background has always made it easy for her to adapt to new surroundings. This gift is accompanied with the ability to relate to and empathize quickly with people around the world. Her multilingual assets have been consistently supportive in breaking barriers, and have subsequently provided interesting opportunities on global projects.
Behind Shiva Styles stands a powerful, intellectual and adventurous spirit - playfully light, but far from being kitschy - with a hint of a know-it-all (aren't women omniscient anyways?).

As a sister of four, Shiva recognized the potentials of women at a young age - especially under the influence of solidarity. She is determined to globally connect women/females, in order to create and foster success, support, possibility, and entertainment. Like an old African proverb suggests "Together the ants will conquer the elephant".

During recreation you will find Shiva practicing yoga, hiking, and playing basketball or you might meet her en voyage.
Just sit back, relax, grab your favorite treat and enjoy the offered diversity. At best, you will encounter inspiration, after all life is filled with it.

- Welcome to Shiva Styles-