~ Odile ~ a short film by Shiva Mohammadi

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Odile – the name of this piece, derived from Tchaikovsky’s famous “Swan Lake’ Ballet, the character of the Antagonist Ballet Dancer. Here, I play on the theme of black and white duality challenging the
Western Binary Opposition of darkness being bad, and Light being good.
Odile (coincidentally also the real name of my friend and artist performing this dance) is more than anything in a personal battle in this dance to hopefully find some light within herself. Wearing all black pieces resembling a black swan but showing vulnerability and softness to diminish the stigma of black being evil.
After all, we all find ourselves lost in this world, we all encounter darkness, and we all hope to see the light.
 This was my own way to keep pushing through in the darkness and I hope it can be of inspiration to other people as it was for me.



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Sometimes, you have to look at the relationship you have with yourself, just as much as you analyze your relationship with others. The way some relationships are unhealthy ones, is the one you have with yourself healthy? Your mind, your ego, your soul….are all in tune and stable…

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See the full piece here

~ Odile ~ a Film by Shiva Mohammadi from Shiva Styles on Vimeo.

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