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” Washington isn’t a City, it’s an Abstraction ” 

Dylan Thomas


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Washington D.C. was the first City I moved to when I came to the States seven years ago. I was working at a German -American Non Profit affiliated with the Green Party, just like thousands of other young graduates all coming to D.C. to intern for the various Think Tanks revolving Politics. You may wonder if this has anything to do with Fashion.. well it doesn’t. Before I studied Fashion Design, I actually studied International Business Law and was very interested in Foreign Policy etc. (I have since lost my appetite for obvious reasons ;-/) Anyway, not only did I fall in love with this uber diverse and multifaceted city – despite not understanding one of its nicknames ‘America’s Rome’ (It’s nothing like Rome lols)- , I also developed allergies to almost all fruits and experienced the most humid stuffy summer of my life, which was also one of the best summers of my life (mhmm there are so many, nevermind). D.C. is nothing like what I had imagined it to be, as it is such a cool mix of the North and South and Old and New including so many different cultures and people from literally all over the world. Go see for yourself!

I then bid adieu to the East Coast and through many transitions and continent changes, ended up in LA where I had been living for the past years. As you may have seen via Insta, I am currently living in New York, which has allowed me to take quick trips back to my old stomping grounds for a weekend to meet old friends.

I’ve stayed at different hotels in D.C. but my favorite one is the Sofitel, at Lafayette Square. This Fall I was able to stay in one of their Junior Suites and discover the distinctive style and design (fun fact: all Sofitel Rooms smell the same due to the custom Sofitel Perfume that was created to make guests feel as they are in a comfortable homey environment no matter where they are in the world) and superb cuisine offered, needless to say I definitely abused the Nespresso machine in my room. Also, the lobby is very gramable. Since I am staying here again for Christmas I figured it’s time to share this Photo Tour of the suite with all the French touches and flairs 😉

If you visit the Capitol, make sure you check out the Sofitel – you will not be disappointed. Ps. They have the flakiest Butter Croissants with Nutella! Bye xx


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Happy Holidays kids! Thank you for all of your support this year! Wish you all a great end of 17 and better start to 18. 



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