To the land of the gods

Oia Santorini Vlog
Santorini Greece



“The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings”

– Plato

I think it is safe to say I have settled in New York now. After a few crazy months I can finally catch up on more content and am so excited to share this Vlog with you guys. Not only was this my first time in Greece but also the first time I got to be a part of a traditional greek wedding (disclaimer: I have not seen any of the ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Movies). I had so many expectations and all of them were crushed – in a good way. My friends had a dream wedding that I will remember forever. But I was also able to spend time with my twin sister which is rare for both of us. Besides wandering historic sights in Athens that brought back all the stories we both remembered and studied during the years we took Latin, we found ourselves lost in narrow cobble stone streets sitting on dark lit hills of this beautiful and ancient city. Too many moments and pictures remain unshared so I may add another photo story to do it justice. Here is a little video insight into the amazing time we had in Athens and Santorini.

Greece is most likely on everyones bucket list and a country you should go see once in your life time, the locals are extremely friendly and warm-hearted (probably amongst the nicest I’ve encountered) and the food is to die for & will make you gain a lot of weight lols. I hope you guys like this Vlog and as usual I love hearing your comments and feedback – for music questions message me on IG ;- ) Yasou








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