The Desert Oasis that has it all

Palm Springs – A Relaxing Weekend Getaway 


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Designed in 1960 by Albert Frey and built less than a mile from the hustle and bustle of Charlie Farrell’s famous Racquet Club, The Monkey Tree Hotel was a getaway for the celebrities who wanted to have some time away from the public. High Profile Politicians and Old Hollywood Stars have been included in Monkey Tree Hotel’s Guest-list in the Sixties. The likes of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Gilda Radner and Gene Wilder, Eric Clapton, the Beatles (except for Paul), Bob Hope, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, and even a JFK and Marilyn Monroe rendezvous (guarded at the private entrance of their suite by the secret service – and of course I was super tempted to get a peak inside that specific suite and made sure I snap a few pics for you guys. ) have found their own serene escape here.


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I’ve gone to Palm Springs a few times before, for leisure as well as for work. You can imagine what beautiful landscape and backdrops the Inland can offer for Fashion Editorials and other photo stories. This time, I was eager to experience that vintage history, that I had a little glimpse of during my last stay. We had rented out beach cruisers and rode through the cutest neighborhoods. Such inspiring Mid-Century Modern architecture, sitting against a picturesque backdrop made of the San Jacinto Mountains and a land of Palm Trees. It is truly like in a movie. Naturally, I was super happy to get to stay at the Monkey Tree Hotel, which -on paper (meaning according to Instagram)- seemed to offer everything I’ve been wanting to experience.

Not only is it a Family ran Boutique Hotel by the sweetest couple Kathy & Gary, but also promising in every other way. When I first walked on to the premises, I almost thought ‘ oh no, this is going to backfire, this place is way too cute for me to be able to relax.’ I could already see myself running around looking to capture more gorgeous details, Camera in one hand, a glass of Sangria in the other (Yes, they have a wine hour every day with free Sangria and snacks out by the pool: I know I was sold!)


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But there is something about walking out of your room, and being visually attacked by peaceful blue skies that are only disrupted by clouds and canyons, that will literally force you into relaxation. A relaxation of mind body and soul, as cliche as this may sound. And this means something, coming from a person who thrives off of Chaos, and finds pleasure in mental explosions. All I wanted to do, was sit there, enjoy my morning tea or coffee and match my stillness to those of my surroundings, and so I did.



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The daily breakfast offered in the communal ‘Living Room’, the room with all the treasures (see Photos below), was made with so much love. Gary bakes vegan bread and makes all the jams himself. But the winner was his homemade Nutella Spread. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a Nutella Snob. My absolute guilty pleasure, and I am talking ‘Nutella Jar and a Spoon’ type of pleasure. It just blew me away, that chocolate spread with a slice of vegan toast and freshly brewed Earl Grey = Paradise! 😉 I was also super fortunate to try the Scandinavian Spa. This is something you CANNOT miss! Not only a Fashion bloggers dream. I love the outdoor feel, looking up into the sky while relaxing in the Jacuzzi was the cherry on top. A huge Thank you to the entire Monkey Tree Family for an amazing time! This is going to go on my list of all time favorite boutique Hotels.


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Palm Springs Living
Gary’s famous homemade spreads


Mid-century Modern interior decor
Palm Springs Interior Design – retro games, vintage pieces, the most gorgeous details – curated by Kathy


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Desert Oasis California Palm Springs


As promised, take a tour with me through the famous suite where Marilyn and a JFK had their Liaison.


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Palm Springs Getaway Vintage Hotel JFK


Vintage Retro Home Decor
Monkey Tree Vintage decor


Presidential Suite Marilyn Monroe JFK Old Hollywood
Original Sixties Decor


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The Master Bedroom Original 1960s


Raised in the Desert, I will always feel this Energy! See you next time Palm Springs!

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