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Living in California, we are fortunate to be surrounded by a vast variety of nature.  Whether it’s snowy mountains in Spring, magical dry lakes all year round, hypnotic yet peaceful green concave oceans, or blooming poppy fields crawling up the canyons during Spring season, we have an ‘All you can see, do, want’ privilege out here bordering the Pacific Ocean, where the Highway 1 can take you pretty much anywhere.


California Dreaming



As a blogger, it’s only natural to want to document and capture all of the bliss offered here. I love traveling and exploring new places, so when I heard of the poppy bloom fields, I was super excited and determined to go check it out myself.  Of course I care about fashion and plan almost every trip – day, short or long distance – with all the outfits in mind.

You may wonder about the Blog title and find it limiting or think there should not be any rules to this. But as a trained Designer, working Wardrobe Stylist, and Fashion Blogger I can guarantee you I’ve experienced different. Almost daily, I get asked for advice on what to wear, what to pack, how to style an outfit for a specific occasion, and on top of all of these questions, those following my fashion blog, have inquired about how I come up with the looks I choose for certain places I travel to. This is why I have decided to blog about some simple steps you need to take, to create your very own fashionable, amazing gram worthy pic, that will most likely get screenshot and serve as an inspiration to others as well.


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First things first: I have my go to questions – the 3 Ls –  I check when preparing for a #ootd or Travel look (and yes, I do not always plan these things, but when I do, this is how I DO IT)

Always ask yourself the 3 Ls before picking out your wardrobe pieces!

  1. Location – where am I going to be?
  2. Lighting – is it day time, is it cloudy, what time of the day,  is there shade, what are the options to explore with lighting?
  3. Leverage – this is more about using whatever is given to its maximum advantage and let your creativity flow from this source. I’ll specify later.

Now let’s apply these principles to my Poppy Field Experience. First I thought of where I was going to be, I imagined a flower field but then started googling and insta browsing Poppy Fields, as California specifically only grows Orange Poppies. I thought about the colors of the field and the backdrop, what time of the day I would be shooting there. This is important as it makes a huge difference where the sun is hitting you at. Most Insta Pro’s prefer the golden hour and like to shoot around that time (Sunset or 5 pm ish)

Then, I started thinking about what I can get from an orange flower field, ie. what does it inspire me to think of, or where does it take me visually. I immediately thought of a scarecrow (I had to google this word in English to be honest, I only knew it in German before). How can I dress as a scarecrow without it looking like a halloween costume? Ripped Jeans seemed modern yet good enough to convey that trashy/old washed off look, my favorite straw hat which has traveled the world with me ($12) was the more obvious choice, and the only thing I was set on for my top, was the color choice. I had decided I wanted to wear a white top, that would pop against the beautiful orange meadow. It just so happened that I found this white eyelet bell sleeved top from zara that came with long attached ties for the sleeves. For me, this was bringing the entire look together, only if I was to wear the ties loose instead of how they were meant to be worn – tied into a bow for a pretty detailed sleeve look. That gave me enough to play with and explore once I got to the magical sea of poppies.




This is the basic creative thought process that I follow, and I hope this will help you to come up with your own unique look created from your own story and inspiration on your future excursions.





Major thanks to my friend and Photographer Alex @La_movement who took all of these pictures and was totally on the same page when it came to the creation of said story. ps. These Fields are in Lancaster, CA and you can park anywhere on the side of the road. Just make sure you take Allergy medicine and bring bug spray if you need to, this is not LA! 😉




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Poppy Facts for the Education Lovers:

  • Poppies were selected as the official State Flower of California in 1903.
  • April 6th is designated as California Poppy Day. 
  • The ‘Opium’ Poppy is mostly white and does not grow in California, unlike the Orange Poppies which are legal to plant and grow.




I must admit, California is always a good idea! 

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