9 Hair Trends of 2017 – the bobs & the basics


Sporty vibes, Surf grunge, and Michelle Pfeiffer’s look from Scarface, are coming this Spring. As I rounded up some of my favorite moments and fashion in the last blogpost.  I figured why not focus on hair trends this week. I listed 9 hairstyles, that will be widely seen in 2017. These are the ‘normaler’ ones (is this a word? may not be English, but works for me lol) Do not worry, if you are looking for some crazier ideas involving trending hair colors for this year, this article has your wild heart covered 😉


The no cut Hair cut style has been spotted on the streets of many fashion weeks. To achieve this natural look it is recommended that you do nothing at all and leave your hair in its natural state after washing. I can’t imagine too many women being able to pull this off in a fashionable way. Maybe Natalie Portman as a 12 year old in Leon, the professional. This is obviously geared to a certain hair type, as all my curly girls & I do need some moisturizers/oils.



The Drop out or The MoMu (Modern Mullet): This Trend is the comeback Kid with Shaggy hair and a nod to rebellious youth. With this throwback you are all set to join any European Punk band (a few decades ago)




The Chill Surfer vs Grunge Surfer: To get this look, which is inspired by the sea and the sun, it is recommended to use the ‘rough paste 12’ to create chunky matte waves. For grungy vibes, add a bandana and a little shine to get that wet look as if you just got off stage after a crazy show and your hair is wet & sweaty.




The grown up Girl: Upgrade the classic low ponytail as seen on the TIBI runways. Tease the base to create more volume for your accessory. At TIBI they used belts and ribbons to cling to, but you can use a Chain or even a bandana scarf as well. Who says you can’t elevate the ordinary when you grow up?




The Gypsetters: The name says it all. Gypsy meets Jetsetter, also known as the ‘Fashion Blogger’ look. A hairstyle that usually holds up pretty well over a long period of time, without needing a lot of maintenance. Perfect for the Boss-Ladies, who have packed days of work & meetings, want to look their best with minimal effort & upkeep. I usually think a top knot, or sleek bun will do too, but for most of us, that does result in headaches after long days of work, running around busy doing 100 things.




The Desert Warrior: Set your pony on the top of the crown to create the high ‘equestrian ponytail’. Though I am not sure this Hair Trend will make it past Burning Man – also not counting the dedicated, committed Ariana Grande Fans –




The Bobby Lobster: In the past 2 years, the first Name that usually comes to mind when wanting to get the bob-lob hair cut, is Rosie H.W.’s (Initials just to be safe with spelling). Isn’t she the Queen of Lob? It is a beautiful style, I must admit. For all you Lob-Lovers, this Trend is here to stay, even in 2017. Good Lob!




The Michelle Pfeiffer aka Sassy Scarface Style: an absolutely edgy short or long, sleek or messy bangs-bob, will transform any basic bob owner to an ultra-chic-retro queen time traveling, delivering unique coolness, playfulness, & mystery upon arrival. Who is she? The moral of the story: reinvent yourself, have fun with it 😉




The overslept in Brazil or The Actual Natural: This is potentially my favorite, as I am myself going through the healthy hair Journey right now (noticed my top bun has taken over for weeks) and aiming to be able to go au natural, once the damage is fixed. A little tip for fellow curly girls, Devacurl  has some Kits (for different curl types) to help you with this journey.




And on that note, let’s give it up for Solange! The “Natural Hair” Ambassador ca. 2015-present. Peace out my loves!




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  1. Mónica Sors – Mes Voyages à Paris
    March 9, 2017 Reply

    wow very interesting post! Thanks for sharing honey!
    Mónica Sors

  2. La Caleya
    March 17, 2017 Reply

    Really nice selection! very inspirational 🙂


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