Top Ten moments from London, Milan, & New York Fashion Week 2017

Right before all eyes (and many lucky bodies) travel to Paris, to see the new fall/winter collections, I decided to share my top ten moments of the past two weeks, showcased during London, New York, and Milan (half way) Fashion week. I’m not gonna lie, I get so excited and definitely anticipate certain fashion houses more than others. Always very intrigued to see what these designers come up with, from the invitation cards, to the set, the clothing, and of course the music. These are all major aspects, almost more talked about than the fashion itself.

Interesting prints, Jacket cuts, and a lot of bare chests has had the people talking. But further, this year – unsurprisingly – has sparked many brands to  include political thematic into their shows. So much so, that it was awkward when there wasn’t any political statements made. I rounded up my most memorable moments for you. My trim obsession was for sure very pleased by these.


10. Prabal Gurung used his platform with an amazing ‘Feminist Finale’ during New York Fashion Week and spoke up on this very topic, as he was raised by a single mother in Nepal and could not have been more passionate about this part of this show.

9. Matty Bovan, a recent Central Saint Martin Graduate showcased his love of fabrics and colors rejected by conventional tastes: vinyls, velours and diamanté synthetics in a sick rainbow of wildly unnatural and offensively saturated tones. One of many exciting shows at London Fashion week.




8. Runway diversity at Kors. Not only did Michael Kors have a live orchestra playing during the show, but he also presented a diverse runway that included plus-sized model Ashley Graham rocking a charcoal ribbed tank dress with a silver fox shrug, and 43-year-old supermodels Amber Valletta and Carolyn Murphy. (I’m not a MK Bag/watch type of girl, but I might buy the perfume now, I love the smell of the store when I walk by)



7. This surprised me the most, as I did not know this brand makes anything other than expensive lingerie. Under a new creative direction led by Julia Haart and Kendall Jenner as its new face, La Perla left an unexpected impression in the big apple. Looking good with the bob/lob.




6. When hijabs hit the New York fashion week catwalk: Last season, Muslim fashion designer Anniesa Hasibuan made headlines as she became the first ever designer to feature hijabs in every outfit of her collection. Unveiling her second collection in the middle of controversy over US President Donald Trump’s recent order on immigration, the designer decided to cast this year’s show entirely with immigrants and second-generation children of immigrants.

Her work is however, first and foremost geared toward Muslim women as she has stated and not solely a reaction to politics. I’ll take the outfit on the left! Thanks 😉


5. Raf Simons (one of my favorite designers) raised the bar at Calvin Klein – the most anticipated debut of the year. I’m just gonna leave these images (it deserves more than one) here for you…



So much Yes going on!


I mean…..(heart emoji)


4. One of the brands I always look forward to seeing is Missoni. I love their iconic prints and retro vibes. At the end of another great show 40 models were sent down the catwalk in a custom-made pussyhat* for the Missoni show at Milan Fashion Week, revealing that the Italian fashion house is on board with the Women’s March movement.

*The ‘pussyhats’ were worn by millions of protesters at marches across the world last month.


3. I’m gonna pick Moschino in third place, and will say, this is due to his music choice. Thanks to technology and the style editors and Fashion bloggers who were at the shows in Milan snapping away, I was able to hear George Michael’s ‘Too Funky’ playing in the background.

Overall, I get the concept of Trash Couture and the thought provoking aspects of Jeremy Scott’s collections, however, very rarely do I find practical pieces in his collections. #RIPGeorgeMichael


2. As a loyal lover of  ‘oversized everything’, I feel obligated to highlight Marques Almeida, the Portuguese design duo who captured the raw, youthful and multiculturalism of London. Apparently, they asked some of their friends to walk the show too to support their intention of displaying a piece of reality. I could actually wear every piece of this collection, which seemed melancholic at times, uncertain, rebellious, all suggesting the current layers of our society. The show ended with a Nina Simone song ‘I wish I knew how it would feel to be free’ ! Cheers to these two amazingly creative LVMH Young Designers Fashion Price winners. I am so excited to see more of Marques Almeida.

Marques' Almeida RTW Fall 2017
Marques’ Almeida RTW Fall 2017




Shoe-uld I ?


1. Last but number one has to be one of my all time favs. PRADA. I post and talk about Prada so much, that most of you know I admire their skillful usage of diverse trims, details, and mix of textures. It is genius. As a Fashion Designer and stylist I am constantly intrigued and inspired by their Designs. Very thankful I can follow along via other Fashion Bloggers to see the latest creations walk down the Milano runways. I can’t wait for the day I get to see a show live. (I have to put it out into the universe)



Can you feel any cooler than this? Strutting to Missy Elliot in these looks! #PRADA


I hope you guys liked my personal top ten. There were of course many more cool collections and pieces, like Fendi & Versace, who presented a lot of super cool wearable AND practical goodies. Overall, a great sense of solidarity, serenity and diversity were noted through out London, Milan, and New York. I narrowed it down to ten special moments and collections that will hopefully inspire you too. Are the clothes affordable? No. But this was a recap of Fashion week after all. I am sure Zara will pop out some of these designs in no time. #fastfashion

Let’s see what Paris has to offer…. xx




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    Thank you for the recap. Loved the messages and clothes.

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    Raf Simons’ designs are total heart emojis x 3 love it!

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