Vaguely a Christmas Sweater – How to switch up your Holiday Look


“insert Christmas quote or Song Lyrics from Mariah Carey here” 

2016 has come to an end. And even though there is so much doom and conflict in the world right now, one can still feel the outpour of love and kindness during this time. Let’s all make it a habit to not wait for Christmas to spread this kind of energy.


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Holiday parties, work functions, that one ‘ugly christmas sweater’ party, so many opportunities to get a little dressed up for the Holiday Season. Just like you look forward to wear your bikini, flowy sundress, and ripped denim shorts in the Summer, I know we all love to change it up and get into those cute boots and layer it on during Winter time. So here is one way to switch up your festive look. As I have posted in a previous Blog, I had bought this Kenzo & H&M Sweater a few weeks ago, and noticed how multifunctional it would be. It is a 100% wool, guaranteed to keep you warm. I specifically love the embroidery on this large rib knit sweater – you know I am all about details and trims. I paired it with my go to flare pants and a corset belt to switch it up and upgrade the look to a more edgy cool style. The great thing about flare pants in the Fall/Winter are, any kind of boots would go with it. Don’t you hate when your boots don’t fit with your pants, or they might be too tight to tuck the leg in, and vise versa? Well my dear, say yes to the flare and those problems will disappear (read with a british accent for the rhyme sake).




As much as I love color, I also love a good #allblackeverything look from head to toe. I wanted to highlight my favorite backpack here –  the monotone outfit hue makes this snakeskin fur fringe menage pop so beautifully. Also, wearing a backpack makes me feel like I am on an adventure; I don’t know why but it’s a good feeling.


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Corsets are back. Hello ‘ belt everything’ millennium years: 2002 reloaded. (actually 1980’s but I didn’t experience that trend in those years lols) It’s amazing how we utilise these fashion pieces today considering their history of costume.


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image1 (2)






I hope you all have the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. Have real conversations, and enjoy special authentic moments. Be kind to one another, you never know what someone else is going through, you never know how lonely some may feel during this time of the year! Happy Holidays & Thank you guys for all of your support this past year. I appreciate you all so much ;-

Merry Christmas, Giftmas, & Hanukkah – may you all feel the love this weekend!





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