Notes on the Wild Mid West




It’s always sad when family or friends move away. But it’s always nice to have new places to go to, and new cities to explore…in this case: a city I probably would have never voluntarily gone to. Not because it’s not worth a visit, more because there are at least 90 other cities on my list before I’d choose to travel to Omaha, NE.

Since my sister moved to the famous Steak Brand City, I have had the chance to venture out to the Midwest. I’ve enjoyed fresh air, zero traffic, and the oh so charming midwestern accents.

When I decided to visit my sister the first week of December, I imagined it would be snowing, crisp and cold. I thought we can go to a Christmas Market and get those delicious almonds, and feel like we are back in Germany. We both miss Europe, especially during the Holiday season. A time where the streets are lit up with decorations, the smell of mushrooms boiling at the Christmas Market permeate your nostrils, and delicious sweets are enjoyed with our favorite hot chocolate in hand. We would stroll down the cold streets trying to not pull more nerves in our backs from walking stiff and frozen when only a cup of Gluehwein can warm up your body and then some…

Thanks to an apparent ‘myth’ called Global Warming, I was informed that Omaha had seen record highs this Winter, and would be very warm and sunny in December. I was going to be fine without snow, although I really wanted it. I was so saddened by this news, because I realized I probably wouldn’t even be able to wear a coat. Sigh. Yes, I know how this may sound, but try to put yourself in my shoes (or in this case, sandals): I love Fall clothing. I love layering. I love everything about it. But guess what? LA has no seasons. So this was my one chance to bust out that Cheetah Coat, and my one chance to feel like i’m back in Europe, complaining about the cold.

Two days before embarking on this trip, I checked the weather report, again (I pack the night before, or day of). Even though it predicted all sun and mild temperatures, I was determined to wear Winter clothes no matter what. So here I was, with turtle necks, thick wool knit socks, winter coats in my suitcase, leather gloves & wool hats in my purse. I was ready to sweat, and accepting of the fact, that my newly straightened hair will get frizzy again.

Picture this – It is my second day in OmahaMy sister makes us a traditional Persian-German breakfast that we enjoy for 3 hours before leaving to see a couple really cool exhibits. She walks to the window pointing outside saying, Look, it’s snowing! I thought my sister was joking, knowing I’ve been begging for snow. The next thing you know, the streets are covered in a fluffy white carpet and temperatures drop drastically.

This is my Fairy Winter Story. And though not every story has to have a moral; this one does. I had such an inspiring weekend in a place I never even thought of visiting, let alone wanting to explore. I have another tip for all of you who may want to skip the obvious destinations for once and explore the Midwest:. The best vintage & thrift shopping I have ever done!!!



Enjoy your December, in the cold, in the sun, in the snow. Happy Holidays everyone!






My Sister took me to the Durham Museum, which is dedicated to preserving and displaying the history of the United States’ western region. The museum is housed in Omaha’s former Union Station. It is known to be one of the finest examples of Art Deco Architecture in the Midwest. Another Blogpost coming soon about a different part of this museum that I loved and got so inspired by. 


image1 (2)

First stop: Original Union Lounge Car Locomotive – I think this is first class with a bar behind me that had all the beautiful old fashioned champagne & martini glasses.  



80 years before I got to see one of these. Union Pacific Lounge Car in 1936. 



How I imagined the Midwest to look like today..This is a miniature piece of what it used to look like around the train. 


image2 (3)





My old Zara Earring that fell apart was brought back to life : as a necklace. 😉



The Benson Trolley 




There were kids staring at me, probably thinking I’m either part of the exhibit, or an actual locomotive conductor.. who knows 


image4 (2)


Shout out to my sister for taking all the photos and only complaining 3 times. 


image3 (3)


Had one of the best vegan soups and Smoked Salmon Baguette at this Cafe


image3 (2)


image1 (3)


All aboard the time machine! 



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