Two ways to stylishly wear your Pajamas in public



By now the Public Pajama Trend has transitioned from the Runways to the Streets of Metropolitan Cities all over the world. Little do most of the proud public pajama wearers know how this bold trend came about.

I remember the first time I heard about old traditions of people wearing their pjs in public, in 2008, shortly before the Olympic Games started – hosted in China that summer. I lived in Germany at the time and read an article about the Chinese Government worrying about their ‘image’ due to certain areas displaying locals dressed in Pajamas at various public places, like grocery stores. Now this is a Shanghainese tradition that is carried out in specific neighborhoods mostly in downtown Shanghai. In an attempt to ‘clean up’ the streets and portray a more modern image of China, volunteers started ‘counselling’ on the streets of Shanghai and Beijing and advise Pajama wearers to go home and change when sighted in their tartan suits. Apparently they called them the ‘Pajama Police’. Fortunately, these attempts failed and the Public Pajama wearers stuck with their traditions. Some say apartments are so small, so the Chinese are mostly spending time outside of the home, and therefor want to remain in a comfortable and convenient wardrobe. However, according to this article I found in the New Yorker, there may be social-economical reasons that explain the Pajama Parties:

Pajama wearers do not venture far from home and since they are mostly downtown dwellers they are actually sending a subliminal message about their social status. As you may have heard, Shanghai people are extremely status conscious and the location of their home is an important element of this. Downtown is seen as desirable. In other words, you don’t catch a suburban (read, lower-status) person in nightgowns on Nanjing Road, the city’s equivalent of New York’s Fifth Avenue. So, wearing pajamas is tantamount to pinning a badge declaring: “I’m a classy and authentic Shanghainese.”


I have loved this trend as I am all about practicality and comfort-ability. Here are two ways you can pull off the Pajama look.





Try pairing a Pajama top with a classic flair pant to elevate the look to a more sophisticated full outfit – either your actual pajama top or store bought pajama style top like this one by Zara .











The pants are from Weekday, one of my favorite stores (not sure if there are any in the States, my sister sent them to me)



If you want to go all out and be bold, wear the whole set!


This is an actual pajama set I wore on Thanksgiving day. Needless to say – probably the smartest outfit to wear if you are going for ‘comfortable and loose fitting’ when planning on eating all the amazing Holiday dishes. Also, if you don’t feel too playful, opt for a solid color muted pajama set, like this one. But by all means, feel free to wear a Mickey Mouse set; I would have, If I had one;-)









Wish you all a great Holiday Season! 

“No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all.”

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