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Halloween falls on a Monday this year! There will be a lot of parties on the actual day, but many people have Halloween Plans for this Weekend already. Some people don’t really have the time to think about what to dress up as, especially those that are not really into Halloween and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume. But you also don’t want to be that ONE guy at the party who looks super weird (being him or herself)! 

Some of my friends have an amazing costume already (check my previous blog post on fun ideas) but they go to one or two other events and don’t know what other costume to get nor do they want to spend more money for multiple outfits, since their main costume was a good investment and Halloween statement already. 

So here are a few tips for all the last-minuters and those needing 2-3 costumes this weekend without breaking the bank. You only need to buy one or two things to accomplish many different ‘characters’. Or maybe you have these already (I have wigs in my archive, that I use for my styling work).

Halloween Makeup Kit! Target has one for $10 right now: Adult Value Makeup Kit

A wig! you can buy cheap wigs at so many different places. Los Angeles Locals: check out Thrift Stores: Goodwill and Out of the Closet. Party City has good options and Wigs on Sale ALL the time. My secret tip is to look in clothing stores. I bought the last wig I needed for a shoot at Nasty gal. It was a Black Bob on Sale for $6. You really can’t beat that.

Now what to do with these supplies? Read on for some ideas, but keep in mind: makeup based costumes are inexpensive but time consuming and require focus and some type of passion or willingness to experiment and have fun with it! Wigs can be an easy and fast way to transform into a new character. 

If you decide to wig it (pun intended), think about what you want to do first. If you get an Afro Wig to be Seventies Soul train Fab, check to see if you own a colorful button up, flared pants and a vest! (Yes, this is such a go-to look and I’m sure everyone has a pair of sunnies to match, but if you don’t, please go to the dollar store, or equivalent in other countries! They exist) Hippie seams to be a classic, though I’m not sure HOW DIFFERENT and COSTUMEY it will look NOW, since today’s fashion is not far off. To make it even easier when buying your wig, think of the previous decades, and what clothing you already posses that would pull off a certain era, vibe & movement, better than another. A bob for a Mod 60’s Andy Warhol look, a crazy 80’s wig, combined with Neon& Nylon Wardrobe: Hello Aerobic Video! Just make sure you have fun with it and groove on! 😉 

For those that decide to go the makeup route and get their inner Picasso on: patience is a virtue! If that is not one of your virtues, buy the Mask;-) 

Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, and probably all other animals are the most popular choices for the easiest and quickest makeup transformations. Clowns are always fun! If you want a little bit more, watch one of thousands of makeup tutorials on the Skeleton face, Devil, or Zombie. Personally, I like those crazy psycho Doll Face Characters! Match your existing clothing to your chosen character to finish the look. But your Makeup is Key so I wouldn’t worry about the outfit much!

I wish you all a great Halloween Weekend! Whatever you are! Happy Haunting Happy Pumpkin Day Happy Spook Day Happy Trick Or Treating!


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