Top Ten Halloween Costumes 2016 & other fun Ideas

Its that time of the year again…Halloween Parties, Costume Contests, lots of Candy, and the start of Holiday Season.

While I am still undecided on what to be for Halloween, I put together a list of the most popular Costume Ideas of 2016. Though a lot of people are going to pick one of these ten costumes, its always nice to make it your own somehow and give it a little twist.

Check out the Halloween Costume Ideas below & some more Ideas that are both current and classic.


Snap Chat Filters ! Yes, these are the most popular costumes this year, and one filter in particular: The RAINBOW Spitting Rainbow WoMan! (I don’t know what its called) maxresdefault



The Classic Super Hero Characters! (yes kind of predictable, but who doesn’t want to have Super Powers?) Dead pool got a huge push last year and remains one of the more sought after Hero Costumes. halloween-superhero-costumes



Harley Quinn! This is probably the most popular Costume for girls of all ages, and I have to admit I had no Idea who it was. I had to do my research and looking at all the pictures of this Character, I initially thought its NINA HAGEN (google her, she is a German Singer/Actress with a unique sense of style and fashion that set her apart before Lady GaGa or Katy Perry) but learned that it is a fictional super villain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Gallery_327632K4a_SS_Dom_Character_Harley_57a3c96be06cb4.90062679This should not be too hard, since these hair colors are very trendy, so its also an opportunity to make this look your own, similar to this: fad6fe52e1c3df83397431a0cf31b712



Just when I thought the craze is over, I find them in the Top Five Halloween Costume list for 2016. You guessed it right! Its: Pokemon!!! If you want to switch up the game costume ‘game’, you can also do a retro take on it and be Super Mario or my favorite Luigi! tumblr_nq58gvBdEG1r8sc3ro2_540



Presidential Candidates are among the top five costumes every year. ‘Trump’ is the most bought costume so far. The sixth spot goes to Hillary Masks accompanied with the signature pant suit style that are also very popular. To switch it up, you could also go as a mix of Hillary and Trump (see pictures below) or be rebellious and go as Bernie  if you still feel the Bern 😉 (you can buy his over-sized mask at Spencer’s)


trump-clinton-halloween AdKdjiel



Another Costume that has a comeback every single year in the top ten costumes bought, is anything BATMAN themed. Lots of options here, with various Characters such as Cat-woman, Joker, etc.. Batman and Robin, c.1943 (8)



The Skeleton is another Classic and has been seen in many different ways. One of my favorites is creative face paintings, a la dia de los muertos. So artistic. skeleton-costume-makeup-2



These all seem to be in the same family: Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves? claimed their spot on the list as well. Again, I think its fun if you create something different than the usual costume provided for these characters. 16 halloween makeup vampire witches



Last but not least, these will probably make the top ten lists in the next 500 years: Star Wars Characters! It is exciting that with the new cast members, there are more possibilities to transform yourself and be part of the Star Wars Family. star_wars__the_force_awakens_poster__fm__by_davidloks-d99y5b7


So much for the most popular options this year. Here are a few other popular movie/show based ideas to consider if you are doing the ‘squad’ thing:


Female Ghostbusters


My Favorite Orange is the new Black Cast! 


Perfect timing for 7 guys or girls: Magnificent 7


Of course there will be a lot of singer/actor/celeb costumes as well. Most people have been shopping for Prince (r.i.p.) Costumes this year, with the legendary purple jacket and curly wig. See how to make your own Purple coat here. This is a great Unisex Costume, and an easy look to achieve.

I hope everyone is gonna have a fun time dressing up. Be creative, think outside the box, and make it your own! Leave a comment if you have some cool Ideas I should add.

Happy Halloween! Ps. Emoji themed Costumes are very 2015 ;-)))



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