How to wear Military Style Coveralls to the Beach

Malibu Surf-riders beach uncovered #CaliforniaLiving

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Army Styles come and go, this trend never seems to fully leave. There is always at least one Design house that has some Military inspired pieces in their collections..This could be any season. Personally, I find myself leaning towards khaki, olive colors and Army vibes towards Fall and Winter months. 



I have 2 long Olive tone Coveralls and a few more in Denim, white cotton, and black Satin. I have collected these over the past 7 years. Some are from thrift and Vintage Stores in LA. One of my favorite denim ones is actually from Palma de Mallorca when I used to work there during the summer, it was a great sale at Mango. You can also find coveralls at Zara every once in a while. 

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When I scored this new olive coverall with patches on it AND in the short version, I had to get it. It was of course – on Sale (as usual, if you know one thing about me, its the fact that I am the best bargainer there is, its in my blood). I did not want to wait to wear it, and decided to go to the beach with it. It reminded me of old romantic movies from the 40’s and 50’s, involving emotional Soldiers and their Girls or Wives, all super chic celebrating the last night by the beach at a beach bar, before saying goodbye to one another. This was my mood I guess and  I was super happy with that decision – as it looked super cool even for the evening activities after the beach day, and kept me warm during sunset hours when we went for dinner at the Malibu Pier Restaurant (highly recommend by the way, they have delicious Mescal drinks too). At the end of the day, your clothing should make you feel good.

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Its perfect if you want to look cute without wearing the typical cover up or jeans shorts and t-shirt (though nothings wrong with that either), but for those that want to try different things, short coveralls work perfectly. Such an easy throw on, nothing too tight or uncomfortable. All you need is your Bathing suit and your coverall.

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For those of us that can still enjoy warm beach days in October, I hope this inspires you to try something new. And to the rest of the world: I feel you, I truly wish it was Fall weather in LA, so I could wear my classic long Coveralls again. 😉 #CaliforniaProblems 

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