Mexico Stop & Island Hop

Legend has it that the only inhabitants of the island were the priestess of Ixchel and her court of women. Scattered around were numerous gold, silver and clay statues of Ixchel, and so the island got its name: Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women.isla2

Since my sister’s Wedding was in Mexico – north of Cancun at a beautiful beach – my sister and her husband had planned a day for the entire wedding party to take a Boat out to Isla Mujeres, the most eastern point of Mexico, to explore the Island the day after the wedding.


The island is filled with the cutest little houses, in all colors with unique decorations. The uneven doors and windows gave them their own special character.


This Wall Art is part of the Mission of Sea Walls projects: Murals for Oceans  It was right across from the Promenade, and caught my eye. One of our friends explained the very details and meanings of each object in it.


Taking turns for photo ops. 😉 I captured the Tourist Transition 


In the 1950’s, long before Cancun caught any developer’s eyes, Isla Mujeres opened her arms to visitors. There was no ferry service, so tourists would signal by flashing car lights from a make-shift dock near where Puerto Juárez stands today. The sons of local fisherman would take small boats over to the mainland and pick them up to bring them to the island. We made a quick stop at this beach club to get some Lunch before we arrived on the other side of the Island


The Bodies of Water were so incredibly beautiful. It was my first time being on the Caribbean side of the world.

(Miami only feels Caribbean)


These Golf Carts are the most used means of transportation throughout the Island

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Got this huge heavy Coconut by the Harbor to get hydrated. At this point, I was awake for 30+ hours and needed something to stay awake, because I still needed to get some souvenirs – the most stressful part of every trip! But you have to visit the little boutiques and shops. Not only do they have good Tequila, they also sell a lot of handmade decor items, coffee table souvenirs, eclectic rugs, cute clothes and bags (its also way cheaper than Cancun, and you get to support the people of the Isla). 


I did fall asleep on the ride back, laying on the deck with my feet hanging off the boat floating over a bed of unreal turquoise waves. It was a perfect nap!

This however, is me posing for a photo, and holding on for dear life! It was windy for a bit.


I have to say: jumping off in the middle of the ocean to go snorkeling (minus a small panic attack I had, when my friend pointed out a special fish to me, and I thought it was a shark, granted I am not the best swimmer, to say it in a very positive way) laying out on the boat with all of my sisters and closest friends, who traveled all the way from Europe, listening to Music, talking, dancing, drinking, bonding, it was a day I will always cherish and remember. So thankful that my sister and her husband invited all of us and planned this amazing trip. Memories, that will always make me smile, like right in this moment. After all, we live to make memories, and make memories to live. 

Let me know if you guys have been to the Island, or any other ones you would recommend. Tequilllaaaaaaa

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  1. Beatrice
    October 9, 2016 Reply

    A proposito di Testimoni di Geova, non ho mai capito come due miei compagni di Università, Testimoni di Geova, abbiano potuto passare l'esame di paootnollogia.Nei abbiamo sempre supposto che il docente li abbia promossi per disperazione, io purtroppo il loro esame non lo vidi ..

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